Stephen Orens

$ ./email --name steve --domain orens --tld com
# steve { at } orens { dot } com

$ ./resumes

$ ./github


$ ./programming_languages --list
# AppleScript, C, C++, C#, Golang, HTML, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, Perl, 
# Python, Ruby


$ ./aboutme
# I have developed and shipped applications for iPhone, Android, 
# Palm OS, macOS, embedded platforms, Ruby on Rails, Linux, IIS. 
# I have managed small and medium sized teams of 
# developers. I have participated in almost every aspect of the 
# software development cycle for a commercial product both in 
# small startups and large Fortune 500 companies.


$ ./projects --list
# Spaceward Ho!, Naval Game To Be Named Later, 
# Ratings Exporter for Netflix, Kid Game To Be Named Later


2020 - PRES Config, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Senior Software Engineer' --company "Config"       \
    --city 'Bay Area; Las Vegas; NYC'
# Solving _interesting_ problems when integrating with CAD

2019 - 2020 Volvo Group

$ ./employment --title 'Senior Innovation Manager' --company 'Volvo Group' \
    --city 'Mountain View, CA'
# Responsible for conceiving, planning, managing and developing innovative  
# software projects to assist Volvo Group migrate to being a 
# digital leader in the transportation space.

2015 - 2018 Bowers & Wilkins

$ ./employment --title 'Software Engineering Manager'                      \
    --company 'Bowers & Wilkins' --city 'Redwood City, CA'
# Bowers & Wilkins (formerly known as EVA Automation, Inc.)
# Lead a team of engineers developing an A/V product for the 
# living room. Worked through-out the linux stack, including 
# developing on an on-TV GUI and universal remote control 
# logic in C++.

2013 - 2015 Calaborate

$ ./employment --title 'Senior Software Engineer' --company 'Calaborate'   \
    --city 'Santa Monica, CA'
# Designed and implemented Android mobile application for the 
# Klutch ecosystem. Contributed to iOS client application and Ruby 
# on Rails service.

2009 - 2013 Handstand, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Senior Software Engineer' --company 'Handstand'    \
    --city 'Mountain View, CA'
# Designed and implemented Ruby on Rails services and JSON API to 
# support Nota for Android, Nota for iPad and other mobile and 
# tablet applications (2009-2013). Co-developed Android customized 
# blog-viewing application (2009). Contributed to iOS development 
# of Crave Travel (formerly Travel by Handstand) iPad application 
# (2009).

2007 - 2009 Dell, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Senior Software Engineer' --company 'Dell'         \
    --city 'Mountain View, CA'
# Dell purchased ZING in 2008, continued as a member of the Service
# Team developing service solutions.

2006 - 2007 ZING

$ ./employment --title 'Senior Software Engineer' --company 'ZING'         \
    --city 'Mountain View, CA'
# Member of a small team that developed and maintained proprietary 
# service in C# which communicated with wireless MP3 players that 
# ZING developed. Focused on integration with third party services 
# such as Yahoo Music, Pandora, Slacker, Real, Disney and others.

2003 - 2006 Jivjiv Corp.

$ ./employment --title 'Co-Founder' --company 'Jivjiv'                     \
    --city 'Mountain View, CA'
# Developed and maintained along with co-founders. 
# Responsible for development in Java, JSP and Ruby. 
# provided music artists with a web application that would allow 
# them to sell their music as ringtones to various mobile phone 
# platforms.

2001 - 2003 Mobilefreon, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Co-Founder' --company 'Mobilefreon'                \
    --city 'Mountain View, CA'
# Mobilefreon's goal is create interesting and affordable 
# entertainment software for handheld and cell phone platforms. 
# Games shipped include: Spaceward Ho, Conquest, Buzzword Bingo, 
# PixMix

2002 - 2003 Core Mobility

$ ./employment --title 'Software Engineer' --company 'Core Mobility'       \
    --city 'Palo Alto, CA'
# (short-term contract)
# Instant messaging client for Palm OS-based cell phones 
# deployed on the Sprint 3G network. Responsible for porting the 
# existing instant messaging functionality to the Palm OS 
# platform. Designed and implemented a background application to 
# wrap ported code. Designed and implemented shared libraries so 
# that instant messaging clients could communicate with the 
# background application. Assisted in development of instant 
# messaging user interface client.

2001 - 2001 Mobile Airways

$ ./employment --title 'Embedded and Wireless Software Engineer'           \
    --company 'Mobile Airways' --city 'San Francisco, CA'
# (short-term contract)
# Developed a FLEXScript based application for the TimePort P935 
# to interoperate with their Aqivo Mobile Desktop product

2001 - 2001 WideRay, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Software Engineer' --company 'WideRay'             \
    --city 'San Francisco, CA'
# (short-term contract)
# Contributed to development of WideRay's embedded product, The 
# Jack. Integrated the Motorola FLEX Stack software and 
# implemented software to use Motorola FLEX paging protocol.

1999 - 2000 Scout Electromedia (:tada:)

$ ./employment --title 'Lead Embedded and Wireless Software Engineer'      \
    --company 'Scout Electromedia' --city 'San Francisco, CA'
# (first startup!)
# Responsible for development of software that would operate the 
# Modo, a small, hand-held, wireless device. Collaborated with 
# other lead engineer to develop the architecture and prototype 
# for device software. Defined and documented features for the 
# device software 1.0. Developed schedule of work and supervised 
# the device software team to develop the 1.0 software for the 
# device. Contributed significant portions of the software itself, 
# including interoperability with the Motorola FLEX Stack.

1998 - 1999 AT&T Bell Labs

$ ./employment --title 'Software Engineer' --company 'AT&T'                \
    --city 'Menlo Park, CA'
# Responsible for creating a network-based address book using LDAP 
# and current syncing technology for an online, web-based email 
# service, using C++ and Java. Responsible for creating a 
# phone-based, audio and speech application, which would allow 
# customers to use their telephone to retrieve and send email.

1997 - 1998 Sun Microsystems, Inc (JavaSoft Division)

$ ./employment --title 'Software Engineer' --company 'JavaSoft'            \
    --city 'Cupertino, CA'
# Responsible for product delivery via the public and e-commerce 
# web sites. Designed, implemented and maintained Perl-based 
# server-side applications to enable product download, including 
# export verification software. Responsible for overseeing content 
# for the public web site relating to products and product 
# delivery. Designed and implemented Java-based export 
# verification software for the e-commerce web site.

1994 - 1997 Apple Computer, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Software & QA Engineer' --company 'Apple'          \
    --city 'Cupertino, CA'
# Team member for the Cyberdog project in the Internet Products 
# Division. Designed, implemented and maintained the Cyberdog 
# external Internet presence. Contributed to the testing and 
# qualifying of the Cyberdog software as well as consulted in the 
# design of the client software's user experiences. Served as 
# Build Engineer for several months and designed and implemented 
# build scripts to build the Cyberdog software via an automated 
# build system.

1993 - 1994 Inner Circles Technologies, Inc.

$ ./employment --title 'Software Engineer/Game Master'                     \
    --company 'Inner Circles' --city 'online'
# Assisted in the development and support for a real-time, 
# multi-user role-playing game, "Legends of Future Past". Focused 
# on customer interaction and software development in-game.


$ ./education --level undergraduate
# 1998 - 1992 Villanova University
# Bachelor of Civil Engineering